Currently projects:

English learning games:

FishyFishy 2:

FishyFishy is a simple game which mainly focuses on the learning part.
You get an English word, and underneath 3 Japanese words. The Japanese user has to press the correct Japanese corresponding word. The player gains “Fishpoints” after every correct word, which the player can buy fish with for their virtual aquarium (which are more popular in Japan than in the west).
This game is created by two Japanese students and me.
You can see the prototype here.

English vocabulary:
This is another English learning game, but this one will be much more “gamified”. Where FishyFishy is 80% serious and only 20% game, FaC will be 30% serious, and 70% game. The game will be played like any old style Japanese turn-based RPG, but your character will only attack if you pick the right word.
The current setting is that the player has to fight back against some kind of “corruption”, and after not playing some time the cleared areas will be corrupted again. Thus hopefully motivating the player to keep playing. Of course there will also be fail saves to not discourage the player.

Last projects:

Mage Arena

A local multiplayer game that hosts op to 4 players (but will be focused on 2 players for now).
The development goal for this game is that it is easy enough to play for one good gamer, and one bad player.
A game which you could play with your partner which wants to play with you, but is just not as good as you.

Magnetic Duo

Magnetic Duo is another local multiplayer game, but this time it’s a puzzle game!
In this game one player can pull blocks, and make them larger/smaller in size,
while the other player can push blocks, and turn them around.
With these two simple mechanics, it’s possible to make many levels to enjoy at your own pace.

If you’d like to contact me, you can always email me on: daniel@danieldeluca.nl