Secret about

What? Where you expecting some kind of hidden page or did you want to see a close up of me that badly?
Well you found it! Welcome :^)

On this page you’ll find some more personal information.

I’ve lived in the Netherlands for most of my life, but I am originally Italian! I really like to cook and can make some all right pizza.
I’ve been with my girlfriend since november 2014. she’s very smart and I hope to be with her for a very long time.
I don’t really care to what corners of the earth my career will take me, as long as i believe in the company and like working there.
Overal I’ve got a very neutral personality. I’m very calm and can work with anyone.
For some reason people always assume I’m high all the time, but that’s just my face…

Most of my programming knowledge is not from school but from personal projects. My university (like many others) is almost exclusively focused on design. The good part about it is that I’ve also got decent knowledge of game design.

I don’t play that many games, Almost only League of Legends. My name is Bird support (D5), and I main Anivia support. Add me if u want to play a match together!
I also play pubg, but I’m really bad at fps’s. A friend usually carries me…

If you’ve read this, please call me “Danny” in your email to me.

Here’s me at my school’s festival on the 4th of November, 2017